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This high performance low cost DIY kit includes all the parts required to make drone ready to fly within few hours. This kit includes Custom designed light weight and strong Aluminum frame, Pixhawk flight controller with GPS and telemetry, FS-i6 6 Channel radio, 6S compatible motors and ESCs, 15" Carbon fiber properllers, 6S Li-Po battery, Charger etc.

It can take a payload of 1 Kg with 2200mAh battery and 500 grams with a 5200mah battery. It can carry multiple payloads like camera and gimbal, flower dropping box and other payloads like onboard computers, sensors or experimental things.


Specially designed for high endurance or high payload applications. It can carry various payloads like camera with gimbals, scientific equipments, flower dropping boxes and R&D equipments. It can take payloads upto 1Kg with 2200mAh battery.


High Endurance

When you need more flight time this is a perfect drone to start with. It can hover for 20 minutes with a 2200mAh Li-Po battery. It will give flight time of  14 minutes with payload and without payload it can provide upto 20 minutes.  Battery can be upgraded to 6S 5200mAh and it will give flight time of about 30 minutes.


Pixhawk Flight Controller

Its equipped with Pixhawk flight controller with all accessories - which is a proven and versatile platform for most kind of aircrafts. Its open source and has a great community support. With full featured ground station software for PC and an app for Android it provides a system for standard and custom control and operation of drone. 

 Return to Home and other failsafe

As a standard feature if battery goes lower than programmed level or the drone goes out of range it returns back to launch point and lands. This operation can be cancelled at any point by the user.


Full autonomous operations and waypoint navigation

The drone can be operated in manual, semi autonomous or fully autonomous modes. It can be programmed via ground control software or mobile application to make a full autonomous flight from take off to landing without any user input.


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