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  • Doppler Radar Training System, is a versatile & useful training system for understanding Doppler principle. The Doppler Radar plays a very important role in today’s industrial and domestic applications. The trainer is unique in design as it covers study of Doppler principles through different experiments & applications. The trainer is ergonomically designed and is user friendly complete with all necessary components / modules. The Detailed Instruction manual with various experiments is provided


  • Microwave X Band Operation
  • Microwave Transceiver in one unit
  • Demonstrates the principle of Doppler Shift of Reflected Electromagnetic Wave from a moving object
  • High  Gain  Parabolic  Antenna  provided  for  focused Narrow Beamwidth & Clutter reduction
  • Facility to observe on CRO / DSO
  • Software  provided  for  direct  Frequency  readout  with both Frequency & Time Domain
  • Separate DC Power Supply for the main unit
  • Flexibility for adjustment of Direction, Height, Angle for better Focus
  • Specially designed experiments showing different applications for better understanding
  • Detailed Instruction Manual


  • Type         :               MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) based Transceiver with internal patch antennas
  • Antenna   :               Parabolic Dish Antenna provided for focused Narrow Beamwidth & Clutter reduction
  • Frequency              :               10 GHz DRO (Dielectric Resonant Oscillator) based Transceiver
  • Output  :  CRO / PC Compatible
  • Focus Facility:  Flexibility for adjustment of Direction, Height, Angle for better Focus
  • Power Supply:  5V DC module to work at 230 V AC mains
  • Software :               Software provided for direct Frequency readout with both Frequency & Time Domain facilities

List Of Experiments

  • 1.            To investigate the fundamental concept of Doppler radar
  • 2.            To Set Up a Radar and Tune it for optimum performance
  • 3.            To find the Time Period, Calculate the Frequency and estimate the Speed of Fan / Other metallic revolving objects (like Aeroplane Turbine)
  • 4.            To find the Time Period and Calculate the Frequency of a moving Pendulum for different lengths
  • 5.            To Simulate the Actuation of Opening of a Door, Traffic Signal, Pedestrian Crossing, Intrusion Alarm etc
  • 6.            To use as Counter for people, objects, production assembly line etc
  • 7.            To determine the presence of moving plasma from one electrode to the other
  • 8.            To Study Reflective, Absorptive & Transmissive properties of material using Radar
  • 9.            To Study & Estimate the Speed of Moving Object from different angles
  • 10.          To Study & Estimate the Speed of Moving Object Approaching or Receding away from Radar from different angles
  • 12.          To Study & Estimate the Size of Moving Object using Radar

Contents :

The Doppler radar Training System consists of :

1. Main Transceiver Module

2. Parabolic Dish Antenna

3. Adjustable Stand

4. Tripod

5. DC Power Supply Module

6. Necessary Cables (BNC to BNC ; BNC to AP Jack)

7. Different materials to study Absorbtion / Reflection & Transmission properties of Radar

8. Variable speed fan with Speed Regulator

9. Pendulum (with adjustable length string)

  1. Pedestrian Detection Module
  2. Detailed Instruction Manual

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