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Product Overview




  •     To study the electro-pneumatic action whereby air pressure, controlled by an electric current.


  • MANIFOLD: 6 Ports, 1/4 inch, fitted with elbow quick couplings. Outlet of FRL is connected to inlet of manifold. All the ports have regulated pressure and make pressure source for the trainer
  • AIR COMPRESSOR: Max. Pressure : 8 - 10 bar. Power: 1 HP.
  • Filter: Press type manual drain for easy operation. A pneumatic filter is a device which removes contaminants from a compressed air stream.
  • Regulator: on-raising press to lock adjusting knob for locking at any set point.
  • Lubricator: Fine adjustment for lubrication.


  • Single acting cylinder Working Pressure -0.5-10 Bar Foot-mounted, fixed permanently on working panel.
  • Double Acting Cylinders (Magnetic) – 2 Nos: Adjustable cushioning at both ends working pressure -0.5-10 bar fixed permanently on working panel.


  • 5/2 Push Button/Spring Return,
  • Directional valve - 2 Nos 1/8” port size, with couplings 3/2 Roller Lever/ Spring Return
  • Directional valve - 2 Nos 3/2 Roller Lever Directional valve 1/8 “ port size, with couplings – 2nos
  • Push Pull Detent Valve – 1 no
  • Hand Lever Valve – 1 no
  • OR Valve with couplings, - 2 Nos
  • AND Valve with couplings, - 2 Nos
  • 5/2 Single External Pilot Valve, 1/4” size - 3 Nos with coupling
  • 5/2 Double External Pilot valve, - 3 Nos 1/4” size couplings
  • Single Solenoid Valve – 1 no, Operating Voltage : 24Vdc
  • Double Solenoid Valve – 1no,Operating Voltage : 24Vdc
  • INLINE SLIDE Valve – 1no
  • FLOW CONTROL VALVE: 4nos,fine regulation of air flow. male threads(R) Teflon coated.
  • AIR REGULATOR: Suitable for panel and modular mountings Non raising Press to lock adjusting knob for locking at any set pressure Diaphragm operated, relieving type Pressure compensated by balanced poppet.
  • PU Tubes 8mm ID x 10mm OD, Blue
  • Power Supply: 24V DC


  • Built-in regulated power supply : 24V DC
  • Power :240V AC/50 Hz mains operated
  • Housing :Enclosed in a steel profile
  • Weight :70kg (Approx)

List of experiments that can be conducted using this trainer:

  • Study of PLC programming.
  • Study of pneumatic cylinders single acting, double acting.
  • Study of construction & operation of pneumatic equipments such as 5-2 valve, 3-2 valve, limit switches, pneumatic motor, etc.
  • Study of PLC Based pneumatic control system

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